Power Electronics

Junction Box   
Aluminium fabricated, fully assembled and wired with MIL  Standard Connectors, Triaxial Connectors etc . These Units have undergone EMI Tests to 461E standards and JSS Penta Five  tests successfully.

Power Supply Unit  
Input Voltage 230VAC, 50 Hz, Single Phase Out put Voltage 24-28VDC @ 10 Amps. Load Regulation 0.40%, Line Regulation 0.2 % and Ripple less than 10mV. Unit confirming to EMI 461E and Environmental tests as per defense specifications.

Designed and developed   “Auto Change Over System” with change over time of  0.2-  4.50 secs from Direct to Emergency supply. Change over takes place from Direct to Emergency supply in case of failure of  Direct supply and vice versa at certain specified Voltage ranges. The Equipment manufactured to comply EMI - 461D standards and JSS Penta Five tests as per Defense specification.

Fuse panels  
With Input Voltage 380 / 415 , 10 KVA, 3 wire 50 Hz Imparting Power supply to Isolation Transformers. The Equipment conforms to Electro Magnetic Induction tests-E & Environmental tests as per Defense JSS Penta Five specifications.

Master Control Panel  
This Equipment is used for switching ON/OFF all Cabinets of  the System. The Control Voltge is distributed from the MCP Unit to control all the cabinets with 10 fan outs. Input: 115 V , 1 Ph, 2 wire, 63 Hz, 2 KVA with fuse blow indication and 2 position ON / Off switch. The Equipment conforms to EMI / EMC  and JSS Penta Five Tests as per Defense specifications.

Junction Boxes P - Type
Fabricated as well as Aluminium Die casted Junction Boxes fully assembled , wired using Naval Brass Cable glands to Navy’s NES 514, NES 511, NES 636, NES 609  standards. Conforms to 1.00 Bar water immersion Tests, Environmental and JSS Penta Five Tests.